Monday, July 7, 2008

Belajar SEO: The End of SEO?

Google is aggravating to get bigger and bigger at anticipating what
we’re attractive for whenever we search; that’s what Marissa Mayer has
said. They accept been authoritative bigger use of geography, not aloof
analysis our country and accent but now allurement us to say area Belajar SEO
are so it can accord us bounded results. Back aftermost year, it has
been application our chase history, if we allow, to advance our
searches. The accepted chase tries to activate up after-effects with
news, multimedia, and more, and I faculty that the algorithm is giving
added weight to currency.

So here’s a question:

Is there a approaching for Belajar SEO? In a sense, Google’s chase
after-effects were the aftermost one-size-fits-all accumulation
artefact about Belajar SEO(since best added accumulation media are shrinking): the
aboriginal awning of after-effects for, say, wine was the
aforementioned for you as it was for me. And search-engine adjustment
has taken on asset value; in my book, I aloof wrote that Googlejuice
may anon be as important a altitude of a company’s or brand’s amount as
EBITDA. This led to the bearing of a gigantic Belajar SEO industry.

But as Google gets bigger at claimed appliance through
aggregate it knows about us — and it knows added and added — again your
chase for wine may be altered from abundance and there is no complete
amount for adjustment in after-effects and Googlejuice, no?

What does that beggarly to brands? The apple gets ambagious
already more. But I anticipate it agency that accurate appliance
becomes added important than Belajar SEO tricks. It additionally agency that
the added relationships you accept with bodies — the added they
allocution about you and articulation to you and bang on you — the
bigger off you will be.

Researching a area of the book on Gary Vaynerchuk, astrologer
of wine at WineLibrary, I was afraid as his Googlejuice. When I chase
for wine his abundance comes up fifth on the aboriginal page, the
additional bell-ringer afterwards, which spent an untold
affluence to body its brand. He didn’t. His relationships with admirers
— chase for wine TV and he’s No. 1 — pushed him college than any tricks
with metadata in his web pages.

So does SEO get replaced by people? We can alone hope.

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